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Pug Talk magazine is the only breed magazine dedicated to pure-bred Pugs for over 50 years. Twice awarded the Dog Writer’s Association of America‘s Award for best single breed magazine, Pug Talk magazine is your one stop place for everything pug.

What is Pug Talk?

Pug Talk is the #1 Pug magazine in the world. Published quarterly (four issues per year), Pug Talk magazine is full of color photos of Pugs and articles regarding Pug health, training, humor and day to day living with the wonderful little creature we call the Pug. In Pug Talk magazine you can read and see everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this fascinating breed.

Pug Talk magazine is published for EVERY Pug owner. Whether you own a beloved pet, have a therapy dog, show in the conformation ring or participate in agility, rally, and obedience, Pug Talk magazine will enhance your life and the life of your Pug. Don’t have a Pug of your own? No problem! Pug Talk magazine will give you the opportunity to read about Pugs from around the world and will help to connect you with the people who can help you when it is time for you to adopt your first Pug.

Pug Talk magazine and the Pug Talk website are also a great source of Pug events and happenings, especially upcoming Pug shows, parties and rescue functions. Did we forget to mention the shopping? From notes and cards, to jewelry, pictures, prints, books, antiques – you name it. Pug Talk magazine and the Pug Talk website have it all.

If it’s about Pugs, for Pugs, or something a Pug needs – you can find it in Pug Talk magazine or on the Pug Talk website. And you if you love Pugs, you need Pug Talk magazine.